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Hello and welcome to How To Trout Fish. This site is where you will find useful information on all types of trout fishing. This includes information on buying the correct equipment, strategies for fishing different venues, useful tips, gear maintenance, water safely, water craft, and everything in between.

Fishing is by far the largest pastime in the world and if you haven’t taken up the sport yet then you are missing out. Spending an afternoon along a river bank catching trout is one of the most relaxing pastimes I can think of.  There are many methods in fishing for trout and here you will discover new techniques as well as refresh up on old or forgotten ones.

When working in the tackle shop we had many customers come in asking to learn how to trout fish. We would show them the various tackle that was required and show them how to rig up their rods for different situations. We learned very quickly that the customers we went out of our way for would come back time and time again looking for more knowledge or assistance to help them on their journey into the world of trout fishing.

These new anglers became not only our best customers but also our friends as we got to know them through time together. We would also take new trout anglers out for days on the river or lakes and guide them firsthand on how to cast, fish and land hooked trout. These are all techniques that you will master in a short period of time if you are prepared to put in a bit of practice.  There is nothing that hard in trout fishing that can’t be mastered with a bit of effort.

It still surprises me that every time I go fishing for trout I learn something new. It is a lifelong project and as new situations come up so do new methods to fish them. Also every year tackle suppliers come up with new and ever more exciting products that provide us anglers with many new toys to try out on the bank sides. I always loved going to the trade shows to see what was on offer for the next season like the latest models of fly rod or newest reels and couldn’t wait to try them out.

This website will cover innovation as well as tried and tested methods and hopefully there will be something for every angler beginner or advanced.

Please check out the blog for new updated information and don’t forget to join the site for updates.

So thanks for stopping by and feel free to share this site with your fishing buddies, tight lines!

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